How to get the 우리카지노 bonuses in 2021

Choosing a good 우리카지노 bonus is like choosing a shopping discount. You want to get a big bonus without spending much of your money. Casino bonuses differ from shopping deals in several ways, though. For starters, they are meant to help you win money while playing your favorite slots and card games.

Against that backdrop, the best bonus is the one that can help you win the most money. It could be small or large. The objective is to use free spins or betting cash to win real money that you can withdraw. Below are some of the best casino bonuses for winning real cash.

No Deposit Bonuses

The best online casinos award you a bonus right from the day you register an account with them. They don’t give you a lot of money–€20 or 30 free spins to play a popular slot like Starburst or Book of Dead. But you can withdraw up to €500 in wins from no deposit bonuses at some casinos.

As such, they’re totally worth it, especially if they have friendly terms and conditions. Look out for wagering requirements—the number of times you must rollover a bonus to withdraw bonus wins.

First Deposit Bonuses

Because many casinos only want to reward serious players, they require that you make a deposit in exchange for a bonus. That’s alright—the first deposit bonus is usually one of the best casino rewards out there. In many cases, operators match your money 100% to 500%.

If you deposit €50 at a casino with a 100% first deposit bonus, you receive an extra €50. With a 500% bonus, you receive €500 if you top up €100. Vitally, most of these bonuses have a limit. In some casinos, the maximum deposit is €100. In others, you can claim up to €2000.

Although money is important, always look at the value you get from a bonus. This is not a one-time offer tied to your first deposit—you can claim cashback money for as long as you’re a customer.

The other benefit is that you get instant cash (not a bonus). Most casinos give you a bonus that you must first play with the hope of comply with terms and conditions, and winning enought cash to redeem it. With Winny, you get cash that you can withdraw instantly.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are like first deposit bonuses. But there are two differences. First, you can only qualify for a reload offer on your second and consecutive deposits. Secondly, these rewards are smaller than the welcome package.

You see, many casinos match your first deposit 100%. With reload bonuses, you receive, 10%, 30% or 50% of your deposit. What’s more, you don’t receive a reward for every deposit. Usually, there are set days when you qualify for an offer.

All the same, reload bonuses also come with terms and conditions. And as we had mentioned, these policies are what you need to be concerned the most about when looking for bonuses in 2021. The best rewards have a few, lenient policies.

Regarding wagering requirements, they have zero to 40x WRs. The WRs are a multiple of your bonus alone and not a combination of your bonus plus deposit. On the other hand, you can cash out a significant amount of cash from the bonus. Otherwise, it’s not worth the hassle.

Loyalty And VIP Promotions

Many casinos have loyalty programs for rewarding their most loyal customers. They have points or level-based systems through which you can claim a string of rewards weekly or monthly. In many cases, the best loyalty bonuses are reserved for VIP players.

But don’t worry—everyone has a chance to claim loyalty bonuses as long as you follow the required rules. Let’s say you get a point every time you spend €10 at a slot or card game. That’s all you need to do to earn points. And the when you accumulate 50+ of them, you can redeem them for free spins or real cash.

Of course, the best loyalty programs are those where points earned can be converted into cash. However, converting points into bonuses without wagering requirements is also a great deal. Points aside, the best casinos also give out more rewards to loyal customers.

Contests And Missions

One of the newest ways of claiming rewards from modern casinos is by participating in contests and missions. Casinos call it gamification and its main benefit is to make customers engage with one another. In doing so, players wager often and pay loyalty to these websites.

Operators have varying contests. Some websites challenge you to win the most amount of money from a specific slot in a single spin. Others award you cash if you unlock the biggest multiplier from a slot. Another competition is to wager every day until you’re the last person standing.

Missions, on the other hand, are player-specific. You don’t compete with anyone. Instead, the objective is to achieve personal goals and get rewarded for it. For example, an operator can challenge you to win to unlock the bonus round of a slot to get bonuses. Others award you for clinching trophies; say by logging into your account daily.

Birthday And Holiday Bonuses

Birthdays call for celebrations, right? The most generous casinos can help you celebrate your birthday with ten free spins or €20 with no wagering requirements. During the holidays, they again shower you with some free money to bet on your favorite games.

Although these bonuses come once in a while, they’re worth claiming if their terms are good. Let’s say you get €30 with no wagering requirements for your birthday. That’s a gift worth claiming.

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